Shaliron Limited is a development organisation that inspire and build a society where hunger and poverty are kept to a bare minimum. We’re doing it by working with national and local governments, bilateral and multilateral donors, private enterprises, and philanthropies to build long-term, sustainable solutions in climate smart agriculture, livelihood, and environmental protection.

Two other factors that contribute to fundamental social and economic development issues are ineffective markets and governance. Our objective is to collaborate with our network of partners to find solutions to these issues.

Sustainable Oil Palm Production

We are committed to assisting smallholder oil palm farmers in producing and sustaining market-ready palm oil, as well as conserving forests and other high-value natural areas.

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Improving Resilient and Livelihood Of Rice Farmers

Rice producers faced a variety of issues, including high input costs, lack of capital, lack of postharvest facilities, pests and diseases, and an irrigation infrastructure. Shaliron collaborates with the Nigerian government and business sector to enhance high-quality rice production.

What We Do

Shaliron is a company that creates agricultural solutions to alleviate poverty and hunger. Our work has raised rural incomes and improved food security throughout the world for more than a decade. This is accomplished through the development of initiatives that increase market system competitiveness and smallholder farmer involvement.

Shaliron has provided training and technical assistance to over 1.2 million smallholder farmers since 2010, resulting in increased sales, income, and market access for smallholder farmers, allowing them to become food secure, as well as assisting over 5 million people, including children, to improve their livelihood.

Market Analytics

We specialize in agricultural value chain studies, market analysis, food security research, field surveys, and enabling environment studies.

Gender Inclusion

Women in rural families hold the key to improving life and increasing food security; we build chain system to empower them to take leadership position in the society.

Training of Farmers on GAP

We educate farmers on how to use GAP/BMP, basic farming techniques, and small-scale technologies to increase farm productivity and crop quality while using less inputs.

Good Nutrition and Healthy Household

We foster increased availability of nutritious foods, increased household purchasing power, and increased nutritional awareness. are three foundations of good nutrition and long-term food security.

Market Development

We develop and implement strategies that help smallholder farmers get better market access and grow into untapped markets.

Extension Services

We give technical training and support to local partners so that they have the skills and expertise they need to generate locally-led, long-term change.


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